You have heard about it on the news. You’ve secured your patio furniture, locked the windows, and have provisions in case the power goes out. You are ready for this storm.



Only, this one turned out to be more than expected. Whether it was rain, high winds, hail, or debris, you suspect that your house has been damaged. It could be something obvious like a broken window, or it could be something hard to see, like damage to the high shingles on your roof. Hail can damage your roof without any visible signs from the ground and sometimes can be easily overlooked by homeowners.


Once the integrity of the shingle is damaged, it will greatly reduce the life of your roof by causing serious deterioration. Hail storms, strong MPH wind, rain, and scorching heat affect thousands of homes in the Southeast US each year.


If you suspect, for any reason, that you might have storm damage to your home or office building, call us. We are Haag Certificated to identify and assess storm damage. We will perform a complete, no-cost assessment of your property, and report our honest findings to you. If there is not significant damage on your roof or property to justify filing an insurance claim, we will let you know.


With over 10 years combined experience working as certified insurance inspectors, we offer superior storm damage inspections and the expertise to represent you professionally and knowledgeably with your insurance company.


If you have storm damage and need to file an insurance claim, we are more than happy to assist you every step of the way and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your claim or the claim process.




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